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ULTRAFABRICS - Hospitality Upholstery Vinyl

Ultrafabrics Ultra Surfaces are perfect for settings where you want the look and feel of leather, but need a more durable and practical alternative. PVC free and designed for longevity, Ultra Surfaces are ideal for high wear applications, while offering a soft and supple hand.

Using revolutionary technology, the micro-foam layer created between the backcloth and surface provides long lasting, cushioned comfort.


SPRADLING - Softside Hospitality Upholstery Vinyl

Designers, architects, and interior space planning professionals around the world depend on Spradling contract products to help bring their concepts to reality. Includes: Hospitality (Corporate, Restaurant, Hotel, Healthcare, Residential, Casino, Cruise).


SYMPHONY - Collection of Hospitality Upholstery Vinyl

Combining superior performance with luxurious look and texture, our faux leathers, polyurethanes and vinyls have been used in hospitality, healthcare, educational, and corporate interiors all around the world.



MORBERN - Hospitality Upholstery Vinyl

For many years, vinyl upholstery for Contract use such as in Healthcare and Hospitality, were very limited in scope. With the introduction of MorCare 10 million yards ago, Morbern revolutionized performance vinyl for healthcare applications; eliminating the need to choose between aesthetics and performance. With a vast offering of fashion-forward open line products, and our patented (u)phoria! printing technology, MorCare gives you both.

Morbern's Healthcare vinyl performance properties include resistance to stains, bleach, fire, chemicals, and bacteria. It is also durable, protecting against scrapes and scuffs.


ENDURATEX - Hospitality Upholstery Vinyls

Enduratex™ is a leader in providing superior vinyl coated fabrics to the Automotive/transportation, Contract, Leisure, Marine, Spa and specialty markets such as Healthcare and Hospitality Design.


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