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All Dashtop Products Produced in Black
SEM Color Coat Aerosols are ideal way to change color to match vehicle interiors!!!

High hiding, flexible coating to restore or change color of dashtops, vinyl tops, interior vinyls, leathers, plastics - most interior parts....even steel and aluminum.



Plastic Prep

$13.99 Retail
$10.49 LDC

Vinyl Prep

$16.40 Retail
$12.30 LDC

Leather Prep

$26.60 Retail
$19.95 LDC


$15.30 Retail
$11.48 LDC

Removes Contaminants and leaves plastic substrates clean and ready to coat. Cleans soil, wax and grease from
all vinyl surfaces. Prepares vinyl
for excellent adhesion.
Penetrates and removes
film from leather. Promotes proper adhesion of COLOR COAT
Works as bonding agent on interior plastics under COLOR COAT. Promotes adhesion. Ideal for hard
to reach areas.

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